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Big God Great King album is the creative work of a true worshiper who listens to the heartbeat of God.  The album transcends time and space and fulfills the great commission to bring the Good News to the world.  From songs like “Come to the Cross” to “Glory”, the lyrics and the rhythms takes you to an intimate place with God where you will find healing, deliverance, salvation, peace, comfort, joy, and love.  “Big God ” relishes in the sovereignty of God and how expansive God is that no one could truly conceive his greatness with the natural mind. The album takes you on a worship journey with God that only you could experience intimately with Him.  This album brings the gospel to many and is a consummate reminder of the love of God for humanity, His immensity, His saving grace, and his ultimate mercy. Big God Great King ignites a revival in the art of gospel music-every song on this album is a hit.  The album is loaded with greatness and is a masterpiece for the worship warrior.

Big God Great King CD

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